About this blog:

Vitrified Headers is the continuation of Jennifer W. Hanson’s Commonplace Book, a Posterous blog. Unless otherwise noted, all material on this blog is copyright Jennifer W. Hanson. If you want to reuse something you see here, please ask first. Thank you.

About the title:

Vitrification is the process by which an object becomes glassy when exposed to intense heat. A header is the short side of a rectangular brick. Vitrified headers (also frequently called glazed headers) are a hallmark of the patterned brick style of architecture that can be found in areas of the mid-Atlantic where Quakers settled during the 1600s and 1700s.

About me:

I have a BA in Art History from Douglass College and an MLIS from the Rutgers School of Communication and Information (SCI, formerly SCILS). I have worked in publishing, libraries and sundry other places. My writing has appeared in Birding, The Chronicle of the Horse, International Wader Studies and Records of New Jersey Birds. My photographic specialties are historic sites and nature, mainly in New Jersey. My photos have been used for editorial and advertising projects; they can be seen in Weird N.J. magazine and Take a Beach Walk by Jane Kirkland. One of my photos is slated to be used in a permanent exhibit at the New Jersey Pinelands Commission’s visitor center. I am also an editorial freelancer specializing in natural history topics (mainly ornithology and birds).

Some writing samples can be seen at this page.

I blog here about various topics that catch my interest. My eclectic interests include birds, insects, history, New Jerseyana, art, and music.