Moths of Plainsboro, Third Edition

I’ve updated and revised my list of Plainsboro’s moths. The third edition of the document can be found here. The total number of species now stands at 329, which is surely a small fraction of the moths that can be found in the township.


The Mothing Year: January 2015

A brand new year of mothing has started, but so far, it’s been a bust. I haven’t even seen any Webbing Clothes Moths indoors, let alone any of the outdoor moths. In past Januarys, I’ve seen Green Cloverworm Moth (which can overwinter as an adult) and Spring Cankerworm Moth (one of the early spring moths that will emerge early if there is a mild winter). This year, doubtless due to the nasty weather and frequent cold spells, there’s been no moth activity.

Maybe things will improve in February.