Preliminary List of New Jersey Moths

Grayish ZanclognathaAs I’ve gotten more interested in moths, I’ve found myself thinking that it would be useful if there were a list of all the moths ever recorded in New Jersey. John B. Smith published a list of New Jersey insects in 1910, and his list included moths, of course. Joseph Muller published a series of articles compiling new records of moths in New Jersey (only macros, however) from 1965-1981 in the Journal of the New York Entomological Society and the Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society. My friend Tom Halliwell compiled a list of macro moths, mainly drawing on and updating Smith’s and Muller’s publications, but it wasn’t published (he kindly gave me a copy some years later when I mentioned to him that I was getting interested in moths).

I finally decided to try my hand at compiling a list of New Jersey moths, mainly for my own reference. I used the sources mentioned above, along with the electronic sources of Moth Photographer’s Group (MPG) and BugGuide. I also found records in various other sources, but my main focus was using sources that themselves compiled a large number of records.

I can finally say that the first draft of the list is complete. It can be found here. It is a bare-bones list, 68 pages long, with entries that include Hodges and MPG numbers, scientific names, and references for each species included. I omitted common names because many species don’t have them at all, while others have multiple common names that have been used in different sources. The list is in Hodges number order, but future versions will probably be reordered to follow the MPG numbers.

This list should be considered a first draft of a document that will hopefully be improved, revised, and refined in the future. There are certain to be errors in the list (moths that have been incorrectly reported from New Jersey over the years, along with moths that have been recorded here but for which I haven’t found a reference). There’s a list of caveats at the end of the document, which goes into more detail about the document’s limitations.

As I noted, this is a first draft. I’m posting it on the web in hopes that other moth-watchers will get some use out of it. Comments, corrections, feedback, etc., can be directed to my Gmail account at ammodramus88.

Happy mothing!