New moths of Plainsboro list, mark 2

Dark-spotted Palthis by ammodramus88
Dark-spotted Palthis, a photo by ammodramus88 on Flickr.

My apologies for the technical difficulties in the last version of this post.

A couple of days ago, I uploaded a list of Plainsboro moths (it’s a PDF file and can be found here). It’s pretty simple: it’s ordered in Hodges number order, includes scientific and common names, and also includes flight period information. The grand total so far is 305 species (not 303 as I originally announced on Twitter), which doubtless just scratches the surface. The information comes mainly from over seven years’ worth of moth photos that I’ve taken in Plainsboro, along with some additional reports from other sources. As new reports accumulate, and old unidentified photos are identified, the list will be updated and revised. With the advent of this new list, my old webpage listing moths of Plainsboro (with links to Flickr photos) has been retired.

Last year at this time, I had just embarked upon the huge project of organizing my moth photos. There are hundreds of them, and they were sitting in a virtual pile on my big backup hard drive. Once I gave up on typing info into a spreadsheet and started moving photos into folders, the organizing process went more smoothly. I finally completed it sometime this spring. Now what I have is an archive of the best photos arranged by location and species, along with separate categories for unidentified moths.

Although organizing the photos was a long, tedious process, it was worth it. With an organized archive, I can now look up observations from the past and quickly incorporate new photos as they are taken. Even better, I was able to compile my sighting information and submit it to Moth Photographers Group for inclusion in the site’s range maps. Finally, I was able to complete this list of my local moths. Submitting to MPG and making this list makes my moth reports accessible to others as they study moths.