Week two #sciwrite

It’s time for my second week update for #sciwrite. Week two was a mixed bag: I had some success but I also didn’t complete one of my goals. Several distractions have made themselves known.

Success side of the ledger: Literature review for P2. I read some papers that I had already found, and found some additional relevant papers and read them as well. As a result, I do need to tinker with the existing draft of the literature review for that paper, but the overall structure still works. The additional pieces are more in the way of fleshing out some sections, or making some points more prominent.

Failure side of the ledger: the statistical review for P1 remains undone, although I did at least pull out my data and look at it. Part of the problem is that when I created the survey which is the source of my data for P1, there are certain questions that I could have worded in such a way as to give more precise answers. For example, one of the things I’m interested in looking at is the use of print vs. electronic sources of information by birders; i.e., is one more dominant than the other? Because of the way some of my questions were phrased, some of the answers I got are a little ambiguous. Also, some respondents answered the questions with a greater level of precision (a title of a book) than others (“books”). This makes coding the responses a little tricky.

Distractions: a good day out on Saturday when I got to careen around south Jersey photographing historical sites and seeing four species of dove in Cape May. A webpage I’m working on about patterned brick houses in New Jersey. The Life and Literature conference on Twitter. Flickr. Ordinary mundane stuff.

Oh, and there’s Paper 3 (P3). This was another paper I wrote for my MLIS coursework. It takes four different works on bird identification and examines how the language of identification texts has evolved since the 19th century. I pulled it out and reread it last week. I’m not crazy about it, but it does have potential for publication and I know what journal I would submit it to first. I looked at that journal’s submission guidelines and discovered that I would have to lengthen the paper by a few hundred words before submitting it. Although I’m somewhat tempted to add it to the #sciwrite challenge, I think it’s best to concentrate on P1 and P2, then come back to P3 later. It’ll wait.

My goal for this week is to do the statistical analysis for P1 (again). I would also like to start the revision of P2; I’ll probably begin with the lit review section and then attack the rest.